Your One-Stop Shop

We understand the importance of making the right health care decisions. These decisions affect the health of you and your family. They also affect your finances. That’s why we created My Health Toolkit!

My Health Toolkit is your online tool for managing all aspects of health benefits. Each family member, including dependents ages 16 and up, can create individual accounts. You can use the tool to view medical claims, confirm eligibility for services, request a new membership card, access wellness resources or use our industry-leading cost and quality tools. If you’re the policyholder, you can even manage family medical spending from My Health Toolkit.

Shop for Cost and Quality

  • The Treatment Cost Estimator helps you research cost estimates for more than 400 common procedures. Each estimate will show the amount insurance covers and the amount to expect in out-of-pocket costs. You’ll get information in real time using data from our national database. This means that out-of-pocket costs actually reflect specific plan benefits and spending to date.
  • The Doctor and Hospital Finder lets you shop for care according to location and quality using a full list of in-network doctors and medical facilities. The enhanced search features allow specific criteria, such as gender, language preferences, certifications and quality ratings. Select multiple providers for comparison and choose the right doctor for you.
  • Rate Your Visit is a tool members use to support each other during the decision-making process. After visiting a doctor, you can provide feedback about your experience. This feedback feeds into the provider’s information in the Doctor and Hospital Finder.

Improve Your Wellness

  • The Personal Health Record is a confidential, online tool that provides a summary of all your health information. This health information includes doctors' visits, prescriptions, lab results and much more. You can also keep track of upcoming medical appointments and print a copy of your medical history. Other features are available, based on your benefit plan.
  • The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is an online survey to help you understand specific risk factors based on certain information. These factors include your age, gender, behaviors, lifestyle and family history. After completing your PHA, you’ll receive suggestions to help you improve health and minimize risks.

Manage Your Benefits

  • Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is an important summary of your claims, benefits and medical spending. You’ll receive an individual EOB every time you go to the doctor and a summary EOB every 21 days.
  • If prescription drugs are part of your plan, you can check the cost of a medication, review your prescription history, register for mail service and locate pharmacies near you.
  • If you have Other Health Insurance, you should notify us to ensure we process your claims correctly.
  • Forms are available online to help you file claims for health, dental and vision services.

Take charge of your health care today. Log into My Health Toolkit.